Disability Access

We provide solutions, services, support and reassurance to people of all ages in the South West who face independence and mobility challenges including:

  • Wheelchairs and Scooters, including repairs and servicing
  • Help for drivers – vehicle adaptation, lessons, and advice
  • Help for passengers – types of vehicle and safe transfer
  • Children – wheelchairs, buggies, harnesses, and other equipment
  • Aids to independent living – including access to an Occupational Therapist
  • Supporting Carers – advice on hoists, vehicle and passenger access

Also equipment hire:

  • Wheelchair hire for adults
  • Buggies and wheelchairs for children
  • Scooters (4mph)
  • Power chairs
  • Rise and Recline chairs
  • Specialist Seating
  • Other mobility aids

For more information, please visit view the information video.

Wheelchair Service

The Wheelchair Service is available to those registered with a Cornwall GP, children with specialist wheelchair needs and adults who require standard or specialist wheelchairs.

Our role is to assess for and prescribe long term loan wheelchairs. This can include pressure relieving cushions and / or special seating equipment to provide postural support in wheelchairs and buggies.

For more information on The Wheelchair Service and for contact details, please read our leaflet.


This practice now offers a video GP service – LIVI – to all our patients. To access the service, simply download LIVI from the App store (iphone) or Google Play (Android), and sign up. You can get medical advice, prescriptions and referrals by video, with appointments available in the evenings, at weekends and bank holidays.

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