Patient Participation Group

Improving The Patient Experience

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To enhance experience of patients across the area. To help patients understand the bigger picture.
  • To help the patient understand how the practice works. To help doctors and staff understand what patients want / expect / limitations.
  • To have open communication with mutual respect.
  • For patient expertise in PPGs to be part of self-help groups / support national health campaigns.
  • PPGs have a role in informing patients / PPG members about other involvement opportunities and network in Care Commissioning Group and clinical communities.
  • Gain better understanding of the NHS / share with patients – helps self care and to “Choose Well” e.g. seeking pharmacist advice where appropriate prior to A&E.

Our Practices have won the Participation in Practice Awards. Please view our Lewannick certificates.

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For more information about what we do, please view our page on PPG Minutes and Newsletters.