Training Practice

We are involved in clinical, medical and nursing education.

We often have a Foundation doctor. This doctor is already experienced in hospital work and is spending a few months with us to gain experience in general practice. They are usually able to issue prescriptions. They work under the supervision of one of our General Practitioners.

We also host students from the Peninsula Medical School. They are currently fifth year students. Occasionally they may be sitting in with one of our doctors or another member of the primary care team. You should be informed of their presence at the time of booking your appointment by the reception team and there may also be a message on our electronic check-in screen. More often they will be seeing patients in their own surgery. They will usually see a patient on their own and then contact their supervising GP who will enter the consultation and review their clinical history and examination. Please be aware that a consultation may take slightly longer.

We get excellent feedback from our students about how supportive and welcoming our patients can be. It is a truly valuable experience for these doctors in training and we thank you for your ongoing support.

All clinical staff may need to video tape consultations from time to time to monitor good practice. You are welcome to refuse if you would prefer not to be videoed. You will be asked in advance if you consent or refuse by the reception team.

We occasionally host nurses in training who may also be sitting in with the General Practitioner. Again you will be informed of their presence hopefully at the time of booking the appointment or upon arrival at the surgery. If you wish to see the doctor alone please let the team know.