COVID Vaccination Update – 19.3.21

First Dose Vaccination

The covid vaccination programme nationally is currently focussing on patients in cohorts 1-9 (at risk patients and all those age 50 and above). Any patients in this group who have not yet been vaccinated will now need to book via the online service at Book a coronavirus vaccination – NHS ( or by ringing 119 if they have no internet access. The vaccination service provided at Bodmin Treatment Centre by our practice and nine other practices in this area are now required to focus on delivering 2nd doses of vaccine to patients that have already had their first dose at Bodmin Treatment Centre. We are unable to offer first dose appointments as we will not be sent vaccine supply for this purpose.

Second Dose Vaccination

Patients who received their first dose at another site must continue to have their second dose at that site, unless they are completely new to the area.

Patients who had their first dose at Bodmin Treatment Centre will be contacted by phone or text when it is time to book in for their 2nd dose. This will be approximately around ten weeks after your first dose.

Please do not ring us to enquire when you will be booked.

We are sorry we cannot book much further ahead than that – our service does not get much notice of confirmed vaccine delivery so we are only able to arrange and staff clinics when that confirmation is received and it is at that point that we contact patients to book them in.

You may be contacted by our colleagues at the Referral Management Service in Cornwall who are helping many practices across the county to book in your appointment. You can be assured that if your text or call is offering an appointment at Bodmin Treatment Centre that this call is genuine.

If you had your first dose more than 11 weeks ago, please DO ring us to flag this – the data management for the programme has been complex and so if we have erroneously missed a patient we apologise, though we are undertaking additional system searches to pick this up for ourselves.

Housebound patients – if we visited you to give you your first dose of vaccination, rest assured we will be back with the second dose and will be in touch when we have a clinician available to visit you.

Thank You

Thank you to those patients who have been offering words of thanks, understanding and flexibility while our team work to continue to deliver this very challenging service on top of our usual day-to-day activities. We can assure you everyone is working very hard on your behalf.