COVID Vaccinations at Bodmin Treatment Centre

If you received a Covid vaccination at Bodmin Treatment Centre in December, please still attend for your second vaccination this week. You were given an appointment date/time for this second vaccination at the time of booking which will have been either Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th or Thursday 7th and was predominantly the same day of the week/time, ie:

If your 1st Vaccination was on this date:

2nd Vaccination will be on this date:

Tuesday 15th December

Tuesday 5th January

Wednesday 16th December

Wednesday 6th January

Thursday 17th December

Thursday 7th January

If you really are unsure then do ring us at the surgery and we can confirm your date/time – please do not ring Bodmin Hospital – they do not have access to appointment information.

All other patients who are yet to receive their first vaccination please wait for us to contact you. As we receive more vaccine we will be in touch.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.