Feedback for Patients

Dear patient,

Firstly, a big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to comment on our plans for a new centre at Chy-Trevail.

We promised to provide some feedback, and due to the terrific response, this has taken some time to compile, but we can summarise this below, together with some answers to the most frequent questions that came up.  Overall, support was generally really positive with circa 69% of patients confirming positive support for the new centre, and whilst the remainder had concerns and queries, we are pleased that there were no clear objections to the proposal.

Summary of Questions/Comments

  • The majority of comments related to parking and whether 70 spaces would be sufficient.  Rest assured we have accommodated as many car parking spaces as we can on the site, within the constraints of the existing trees, and tree root areas.  We are also exploring solutions with Cornwall Council to see if any additional ‘off-site parking’ can be provided for staff to free up ‘on-site’ parking for patients.  However, in the meantime our transport advisers have confirmed that the provision complies with national and local planning policies, with an increase from our current parking provision of 15 spaces.
  • The second main comment was in relation to public transport, and we would like to assure everyone that we are working closely with transport colleagues within Cornwall Council and will wherever possible continue to raise public transport and links to the site.
  • There were very few comments on the architecture – and our architect has advised the following: the building has been designed first and foremost based on the functional requirements and aspirations of the end users, and responds directly to the constraints of the site, which has resulted in the floor plan presented. The building is three storeys with a wide footprint and therefore it was considered that a traditional pitched roof with a more domestic aesthetic would not be appropriate.  The proposed design is contemporary in nature reflecting the modern function of the facility. The building will have large areas of glazing which define the public elements of the layout providing views out to the surrounding landscaping, a light and bright internal environment. In terms of materials, we have chosen a high-quality brick for the majority of the facade which will provide a robust hardwearing solution, and the brick will be selected to reflect the colour and tones of the local Killas slate stone as a modern interpretation. Environmental performance is also important and as such most windows will include solar shading in a coloured aluminium finish.
  • The existing buildings will no longer be needed – Stillmoor House Surgery sits on land owned by Cornwall Council, and we believe there are redevelopment plans through Cornwall Council regarding this site.  Carnewater Practice resides within an NHS Property Services owned building and the future use of the premises will rest with the NHS.
  • Within the replies there were a number of comments in relation to the service provided, and these will be taken up by our management team; we are always interested to hear patient comments and regularly make use of feedback to try and improve the service that we offer our patients.
  • Some of the questions related to our plans to undertake minor surgery and we are planning to re-start these services from our current sites, with a plan to incorporate minor surgery in our plans for services at the new site.
  • There were also queries about having enough GPs to cope with the rising population and we understand and appreciate these concerns. It has been increasingly difficult to recruit GPs in general, and this is a national concern; however, we believe that in providing a modern, fit for purpose medical centre, which is staffed by a full Multi-disciplinary team we will be in a better position recruit and retain new GP’s.
  • There was some concern about still being able to get an appointment and we will continue to review and monitor the up-take and provision of appointments to endeavour to meet the demand.

Continuing Support

The images have now been uploaded to our website and the planning application number is PA22/01950, so please do take the time to support the application, and we hope that with all the continuing support from our patients that our application will be approved.