Proposed merger of GP Practices to form Bosvena Health

Carnewater practice and Stillmoor House medical practice have been working together for some time, with a shared vision around the future of how we can provide improved care for our patients in Bodmin and the surrounding areas.

Many of our staff now work across both practices including our management team, paramedic visiting service, our clinical pharmacy team, mental health practitioners, social prescribers, and other clinical roles.

This new joined-up way of working has provided us with some resilience during the past Like other parts of the county, we are managing staff vacancies and have struggled to recruit to our clinical teams, including additional GPs, to help manage our increasing registered patient lists. To staff shortages through sickness by sharing staff and providing cover for absences, but also in our ability to grow our teams to include more clinical services to care for our patients.

Demand for services has been growing for some time and as you may know from our recent engagement around our plans to build a new primary care centre for Bodmin, our plan is to formally combine our 2 practices to form Bosvena Health and work together in new GP surgery in Bodmin from 1st of July 2022.

Our current premises are too small to support our growing community – we need 45% more space to cope with demand. This lack of space presents challenges in providing services in a way that we know our patients want, and an efficient and productive way. We are looking to build new practice premises at the Beacon Technology Park in Bodmin, and our full planning application is currently live on the Cornwall Council Planning portal.

We had hoped to move into our new premises first before taking steps to formally merge the 2 practices to create Bosvena Health, but for a variety of reasons including the COVID-19 pandemic and planning regulations it is unlikely this will happen before early 2024.

This means we need to look at ways to continue providing the support our 23, 500 patients, whilst also supporting our workforce.

We will continue to use our current premises in Dennison Road, and Bell Lane, although we may begin using the Carnewater Building for urgent on-the-day work and provide all our routine appointments including long term condition clinics and prebooked appointments for nurses or GPs from the Stillmoor House site.

This would allow us to be more robust as a team, and ultimately mean that we can have all our services working together to support patient care making the most of our clinical teams and resources.
We will continue to offer dispensing services for our patients who live more than 3 miles from the practices.

What does this mean for you?

  • We hope the changes will give you even greater access to people to help you manage your health. Your registered GP will continue to provide your care as part of a wider clinical team. Our clinical teams, including GPs will also not change.
  • For routine appointments and follow-ups, you will continue to be offered appointments with your clinician of choice (or their deputy if they are unavailable for any reason).
  • You will still have access to long term condition clinics which are currently provided by our extremely experienced nursing teams.
  • Your medication and prescription services will continue, and we will continue to operate a dispensing service for those patients who are eligible.
  • We will have one computer system and your records will be available to the clinician who is providing your care, regardless of the site where you are seen.
  • Our hours will continue, with no-changes or reduction in opening times or access on either site.
  • Our admin and clerical teams will continue to support our clinicians on both sites and will work from either site to ensure reception and administrative work continues in the background, without any visible change.
  • We will increase our telephone capacity and through merging our teams ensure that we have enough staff and lines to meet the needs of patients.
  • We understand if you are not happy with our proposed merger and want to register with an alternative practice. The nearest neighbouring practices are Lostwithiel Medical Practice, The Clays at Roche, or the Wadebridge practices, although we hope that we will be able to resolve any issues through our complaint’s procedures, and by listening, understanding, and responding to any concerns. Please contact us if there is anything you would like to discuss with us.
  • Our practice boundary will remain unchanged, and we will continue to provide care across our existing rural areas.

We hope that by merging our practices, we will provide a long term sustainable general practice for people living in Bodmin, and our surrounding rural areas. We will continue to look at services and develop our teams with the goal of providing good patient care. We will work with our local communities to incorporate healthcare into local plans and incentives. We will continue to work as part of the wider healthcare community in our integrated care area – north and east Cornwall – to promote and enhance the care funded and provided for all our patients.

Our mission statement as Bosvena Health is:

Bosvena Health provides primary care for people in Bodmin and the surrounding area. As a dynamic and responsive multi-disciplinary primary care team we work together to serve the local community. We work in partnership with our patients to prevent ill health and to provide timely, safe, effective treatment and care.

Our values:

  • We are fair to both patients and staff: we show consideration, compassion and understanding and value each person as an individual
  • We have an open forward-looking culture so are ready to work with others and listen to our patients
  • We provide a nurturing, caring, and learning environment for patients and our Team
  • We use the NHS funding we receive efficiently to provide a safe comprehensive and responsive service to our patients which adapts to meet increasing demand
  • We are an adaptable, innovative practice that embraces new ways of working and actively seeks opportunities to provide a wider range of services to our patients
  • We provide high standards of care and recognised best practice to our patients by maintaining our personal and professional learning and development and by inspiring and training the next generation

We hope that you will be supportive of our plan to merge and that the reasons and benefits will out-way any negative outcomes.

If you would like to comment on the merger or plans, please email

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours faithfully
Drs Langstaff, Al-Dabbagh, Nankervis, Omar,
Riley, Staff and Cooper
Bosvena Health